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Join Date : 6 Apr 2017

My trip to Minnesota ..........

was the road trip from HELL. 

We went to St. Paul on Friday for my brother's 50th surprise party.  This had been planned for months and I was not about to stay home even for what we went thru.  Wellllll .... unbeknownst to me ... we get up to Madison, WI (from Chicago) and the highway was CLOSED for approx. 40 miles due to flooding.  NO signs, no nothing.  No detour signs, no help whatsoever.  EVERY gas station I went into (a handful along the way) ... the cashier looked at me with a shrug of the shoulders and an "I don't know".  By the time we reached the Dells, I was FURIOUS!  I walked into the next gas station muttering, "Customer service .. customer service, customer service" as I know I'm not getting answers by going off on people.  Again, "I don't know".  I wanted to smack someone, because now I was getting nervous that we were stuck in some bad horror movie in Wisconsin for crying out loud, only to never get out.  LOL 

What a frustrating time that was.  UGH.  What should have been a 7 1/2 hour trip turned into a 10 1/2 hour trip!  And the same thing on the way home but this time the backroads we took were well marked.  But just as long.

My brother was very much surprised so it made it all worth it.   He was completely clueless and seemed to appreciate the effort I made in getting there.  As I told him ..."I went thru Hell and High Water just to get here."  LOL

And to think that I even got pulled over by a MN state trooper on Sat. afternoon ... not sure how fast I was going but I can say that I deserved a ticket.  He must have took sympathy on me for my out-of-state plates because he only gave me a warning.   What made it worse was my son, niece and nephew were in the car and my nephew just got his license the day before.  Good lesson Auntie Linda is teaching him, huh?  Well, at least he got a good lesson on how to act with the cops.   

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